Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis

Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis

A common misconception that a lot of people have about bacterial vaginosis is that its remedies can be costly. This is because the medications can indeed be costly. However, there are actually home remedies for bacterial vaginosis that you should consider. One of the effective home remedies for bacterial vaginosis that you should consider is yogurt.

Now, you have to be reminded that not all types of yogurt make a great remedy. You have to go with the yogurt that contains acidophilus. This is actually that component in yogurt that helps in the maintenance of the healthy balance that is very much needed between good and bad bacteria. These live cultures can really eliminate vaginal infection quite effectively. The ideal dosage, if you may, would be 8 ounces, so that women can enjoy all the benefits that come with this home remedy.

Aside from yogurt that contain acidophilus, you should also consider taking in mushrooms. Many people might be surprised to hear about mushrooms being recommended here but these actually make a great home remedy. The Japanese maitake, in particular, is an effective agent that can get rid of bad bacteria, which in turn, can cause a lot of infections in the vagina. This is indeed one of the proven home remedies for bacterial vaginosis that has a lot of research poured into it. In fact, a particular research study with 13 female participants has showed significant results when these women ate Japanese maitake mushrooms. Twelve out of the thirteen participants actually experienced much relief from the symptoms.

This survey just shows that this is an effective treatment.. But what does the Japanese maitake mushroom have that makes it one of the efficient treatment for BV? The components of this mushroom actually increase the body is immune cell count, making the body more immune to the symptoms. These are some of the home remedies for bacterial vaginosis that you can consider. But do not try these home remedies for bacterial vaginosis on your own. It''s best to consult your physician first.

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