Mind Training For Triathlon - A Free Mental Training Tips Site For Triathlon And Triathletes.

Mind Training For Triathlon - A Free Mental Training Tips Site For Triathlon And Triathletes.

Man after each the run was much easier.

Today Training lifting this morning and doing my little cardio after lifting the scale said 155 and 14% which is 21. Posted on Saturday 1 April 2006 I took my first trip to 24hour Fitness today - and, I have to say, it Training Triathlon pretty hard. So I guess near back in the tri for June since Heax is still going. If could survive the Country Music one first and enjoy it. Having a Triathlon Training actually AT my gym is going to be awesome.

I can get the bike and swim back on track then school should be fine. I have been half-way strict, the means I eat great for 3-4 days and then splurge a whole lot more than I did in the past. I''ll keep him internet world posted on that one. I don''t really want to do Triathlon alone. This is definitely a milestone for me, because when we started training for the triathlon last summer like in June hurt me to do 1.

Sorry I missed those posts Heax - we get about 50 spam a day. This is all due to letting my diet lack. Haven''t weighed, but I can look in the mirror and see more than I could a month ago. I had to stop 1 2 way the run, but not for air or pain, but for stomach pain.

Plus I heard the Memphis one is because it is cooler and flatter unlike this first Marathon. I found a cool site where I could mapout anywhere and it tells me the distances.

Scott 11:31 pm Filed Site Updates No Comments - Heax-alive? I was in a of a time crunch - so we had to rush through it a bit, but I''m happy with how it went. It''s actually not healthy to that fast, but I know it will plain back off probably in the next couple of days. Most people couldn''t really see on me, and I can''t even tell with clothes because they don''t fit any differently. It''s just the lack of the lines in the abs that really me notice this.

Next week, I''ll be trying to hit gym in the morning, and the bike trails with Pat in the evenings. I''m pretty good right now, but little tired and may be sore tomorrow.

I know I shouldn''t lost any muscle, but I''m not going to say I didn''t put on any fat. I cannot find a deadline turning the form in. A year ago a ride of a few miles nearly killed me, today - a 13 mile ride is really just a warmup.

  • This thing even came with a mount for my bike so in a few weeks when I get back on the bike I''ll be able to keep up my workouts on it too.
  • Also I have a slight pain in the top of my foot that I would love give time to heal from running.
  • I haven''t heard from Heax, and it just be as fun to do it alone.
  • I went for or an hour and 52 minutes or 13.
  • I''m kinda stoked, and I''m thinking doing the triathlon anyhow.

Yes, I may have a few drinks this weekend for sigbust, but I''m not going to splurge on food for the month. Time to get strict again and finish this I started over a year ago! Plus I''m really tired of training.

So now for the next month, I''m going to get strict again the diet. I got my race number the marathon. I''m doing a 2 outside which is a ton harder than a treadmill. I know some was but I also think if you eat perfectly and train the way that I do that weight does just fall off of you. I haven''t changed anything over the past couple of weeks as far workouts go.

  • Thanks to the time change, will now be daylight until around 7.
  • I guess dropping a pound freeing up the buttcheeks some helped haha Well I have 2 more weeks, which means 5 more big runs before the big day.
  • I still run over 30 miles a week and lift 3 a week, but I have probably put on about 7 lbs over the past couple of weeks.
  • So that means I dropped lbs in a few days.
  • Posted on Friday 7 2006 Well I said I was going to get strict and I guess I did.
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