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Toddler mauled by dog (Cortez Journal)
A 14-month-old Cortez boy may have been partially blinded when he was attacked by a dog Tuesday.

Horse, dog owners unlikely to get guaranteed slice of slots (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- With some of the top contenders in next week''s Kentucky Derby, Florida''s thoroughbred industry may have something to celebrate - but in the Capitol it seems to be losing the fight for money that would be generated from slot machines in Broward County.

Letters to the editor (Portsmouth Herald)
Resolving the rising costs of health insurance is a concern at the top of everyone''s list these days. During my campaign for state Senate, I spoke to hundreds of voters throughout the Seacoast about the need to find a solution to what seems to be an ever-escalating problem.

Pet Of The Week: Meet Norman The Sweet Dog (KOIN News 6)
PORTLAND -- Norman, No. 28261, is the dog of the week from the Oregon Humane Society. Norman is one sweet 3-year-old boy. He loves to be with people and has a lot of energy to burn.

Let the Fur Fly (New York Times)
Where have all the Lassies gone? Who can forget that noble collie who had her own show on Sunday-night TV and was a kid''s best friend, there for the hugging when you needed her to be?

Teacher pensions a great deal for California (North County Times)
The governor retreated from his plan to immediately dismantle state pension plans. His desire to buy political muscle was his downfall. Now he''s like the old saying, "Let sleeping dogs lie." But we''d better keep our eye on the dog.

Sick as a dog (DeHavilland)
Employers are being left feeling sick as a dog as increasing numbers of people are taking time off to look after their pets.

And the world will be safer and better off when Bush and Cheney are booted out of office. Blessed be! I have studied the issues and listened to the debates between John Thune and Sen. Daschle. I will vote for Sen. Daschle.

Meet Hunter the Mold Detection Dog; April Showers May Bring More than May Flowers - They May Bring Mold (U.S. Newswire via Yahoo! News)
Craig Camel, of Advanced Mold Diagnostics, is bringing a new tool to the table in the fight against the growing problem of mold in homes and businesses. HUNTER, the Philadelphia area''s first four-legged mold detective is a black lab mix rescued from the humane society in Florida. HUNTER was trained by the Florida Canine Academy to sniff out and alert home/business owners to mold not

Take a Gander at newest outdoor store (Kingston Daily Freeman)
TOWN OF ULSTER - Gander Mountain, a 61,000-square-foot store devoted to hunting, fishing and camping, will celebrate its grand opening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with extended hours, special events and special sales.